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TV Evolution is Key ‘Internet Trend’ in KPCB’s Meeker Report

I call it “Crossing The Chasm” Between Internet Streaming & Traditional Broadcast

Interesting to see that Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report presented last week at the re/code conference devoted 36 slides (over 20% of her total deck) to the evolution of television. Her main point is that the line between watching TV content over the Internet…


Social TV: Massive Potential Revenue for TV Industry, Facebook, Twitter


It’s interesting to see how Facebook discussions and Twitter chats are spinning off all sorts of related secondary activities. For example, the growing buzz around TV programs has spun off an entire ecosystem of data analytics companies that track what people are watching on TV and how.


Social Engagement: The Future King of TV

Twitter, Facebook, and the Correlation with Nielsen Ratings
I spoke at the TVOT (TV of Tomorrow) conference this week and one of the discussion items on my panel was the evolution of content. My prediction is that social engagement (defined as: Viewers engaging around TV shows via Twitter, Facebook, or second-screen apps) is poised…