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The Biggest Investors In Social TV: INFOGRAPHIC


It’s interesting to see that despite the lively ecosystem around “everything social” funding activity in Social TV — the intersection between social networks and TV viewing – is still limited. Only a handful of investors have several portfolio companies in that space.

However, that limited activity is counterbalanced by the fact that “smart money” –…


The Social TV Puzzle [Infographic]

The Complex Social TV Ecosystem
Back in March, I posted an infographic that illustrated the complexity of the Social TV ecosystem at that time. A mere three months later the landscape has changed: some companies have been snatched up by larger ones…


Social Media Infographics Tell an Interesting Story


I ran into a couple of interesting infographics last week:

On Facebook
Facebook’s IPO at the top of the news, here is a cool graphical representation of some key Facebook stats including:

User Penetration by Region
Age of Officers (and even compensation levels)

These numbers were officially disclosed as part of Facebook’s original IPO filing in early May and it’s…


How’s This for Complexity? The Social TV Ecosystem

I attended and spoke at various Social TV-oriented conferences in the past few weeks, such as the Future of Media Conference at Stanford and TV Next  in Boston. One thing is very clear: the Social TV ecosystem…