Anne-Marie Roussel


The Netflix Invasion of France

  Netflix is preparing to launch its Video-On-Demand service in several European TV markets in September – including France. The buzz in Paris is a mix of “can’t wait to get access to better VOD” from French TV consumers who are currently limited to two main VOD operators: Canal Plus and Orange TV. Meanwhile, in […]


The Gender Gap in Silicon Valley

Let’s Apply Some Common Sense Every now and then, the Silicon Valley gender gap issue makes headline news. The Kleiner Perkins harassment lawsuit, Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller Lean In, Google’s recent self-flagellation about not having enough women on staff, and in a lighter way, the season finale of the HBO series, Silicon Valley. These are examples of […]


TV Evolution is Key ‘Internet Trend’ in KPCB’s Meeker Report

I call it “Crossing The Chasm” Between Internet Streaming & Traditional Broadcast Interesting to see that Mary Meeker’s 2014 Internet Trends report presented last week at the re/code conference devoted 36 slides (over 20% of her total deck) to the evolution of television. Her main point is that the line between watching TV content over the Internet […]


The TV Ecosystem Is Shifting

I agree with GigaOm in their recent article that Social TV is dead. The warning signs have been around for a while – it was ‘a solution without a problem’ and  it was just too complex an ecosystem (as illustrated in a previous blog). Another trend is starting to emerge. I call it “back to the […]


Social Media: TV’s Secret Sauce

The 2012 Summer Olympics was the most watched TV event in history (see this article in the Huffington Post). What made this year’s Olympics so successful? Social Media. The impact of Social Media on the Olympics shows how much television viewing has evolved in just a couple of years. We used to sit back and […]


Social TV: Shazam-ing the Olympics

To “shazam” a song has become as much of a popular expression in the music sphere as “to google” directions on a map in the search world. I have been “shazaming” the Olympics on my TV since they started in late July, and the results have been interesting, especially as seen through the lens of […]


The Biggest Investors In Social TV: INFOGRAPHIC

  It’s interesting to see that despite the lively ecosystem around “everything social” funding activity in Social TV — the intersection between social networks and TV viewing – is still limited. Only a handful of investors have several portfolio companies in that space. However, that limited activity is counterbalanced by the fact that “smart money” […]


Facebook and Social TV: Limited Steps

In May I posted a blog entitled Facebook and Social TV – In Stealth Mode?. I felt that it was odd that Facebook, which has shown it can move fast in other domains, had yet to position itself as a key player in Social TV. Facebook has so far let Twitter be the driver of social conversation around […]


The Social TV Puzzle [Infographic]

The Complex Social TV Ecosystem Back in March, I posted an infographic that illustrated the complexity of the Social TV ecosystem at that time. A mere three months later the landscape has changed: some companies have been snatched up by larger ones and new players have emerged on the scene. Below is an updated version […]


Social Media Infographics Tell an Interesting Story

  I ran into a couple of interesting infographics last week:   On Facebook Facebook’s IPO at the top of the news, here is a cool graphical representation of some key Facebook stats including: User Penetration by Region Revenue Age of Officers (and even compensation levels)