About me

I am based in Silicon Valley and I have been working for about 20 years as a technology executive in the US and in France  – where I was born.

I am currently a co-founder of SeeSpace, the company that is developing the world’s first augmented televsion interface, InAir. InAiR takes the two most powerful media in the world—Internet and television—and combines them into a single, streamlined viewing interface, revolutionizing the way people engage with media forever. Our hardware device ($99) powers ‘television meets the web’ and can be plugged into any of the world’s 1.5 billion TVs.

With SeeSpace InAiR, we are all pioneers on the bold new frontier of truly immersive, interactive entertainment. We previously raised $180k on Kickstarter in March 2014, following our launch at CES in January 2014. ​We’re on target with development & production and will be delivering InAiR to our first 1,300+ customers in Sept ’14.

We have recently launched a fundraising campaign on Fundable.

Prior to SeeSpace, I was head of acquisitions and startup trends for Sharp, the Japanese CE manufacturer. Before that I was Senior Director and Digital Media Portofolio Manager for Microsoft in Silicon Valley. As such, I evaluated opportunities for Digital Media startups to engage with Microsoft’s Entertainment Division and product groups such as Xbox, XboxLive, Zune and IPTV. I represented Microsoft on numerous media and investment industry panels in the U.S. and abroad.

Prior to Microsoft, I was a Vice President of Research at Gartner Group in Paris for ten years. During my tenure at Gartner, I was responsible for the creation and launch of several flagship products, including:

• “Gartner’s Cool Vendors List” — a yearly round-up of the best and brightest startups in IT
• “Gartner Invest” — an advisory service for investors in tech
• “Gartner Predicts” — yearly predictions on IT markets

As a Gartner executive, I focused on the consumer Internet space and spoke at numerous Gartner and industry conferences around the world.

This is my personal blog, opinions are my own.”