The Social TV Puzzle [Infographic]

The Complex Social TV Ecosystem

Back in March, I posted an infographic that illustrated the complexity of the Social TV ecosystem at that time. A mere three months later the landscape has changed: some companies have been snatched up by larger ones and new players have emerged on the scene.

Below is an updated version of our earlier graphic and my take on the current landscape of the Social TV ecosystem:


New categories and companies have appeared, others have disappeared. The market is moving on. (Note: Lost Remote does a good job of keeping track of the comings and goings of Social TV companies, it’s the most up-to-date directory I have found so far.)

This infographic is not meant to be a comprehensive list but instead my view of the most relevant and interesting players in the complex puzzle that is Social TV today.

I welcome your comments.


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Hi Anne-Marie,

I’m deeply involved in a social/mobile youth sports project that will have social TV content delivery elements. I’m just starting to get my head around the social TV ecosystem in recent weeks and was lucky enough to recently discover your blog and family of info-graphics. Bravo!

Best. Mike

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