Social Media Infographics Tell an Interesting Story


I ran into a couple of interesting infographics last week:


On Facebook

Facebook’s IPO at the top of the news, here is a cool graphical representation of some key Facebook stats including:

  • User Penetration by Region
  • Revenue
  • Age of Officers (and even compensation levels)

These numbers were officially disclosed as part of Facebook’s original IPO filing in early May and it’s so much more eye opening to see them displayed in graphical form. One more proof that “a picture is worth a thousand words.”


malcolm york facebook stats IPO infographic

On Social Media Marketing

This infographic is useful at the macro level; it gives a good bird’s eye view of the overall space. Although one might disagree with some of the categories and notice that some key players are missing (for example: no YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest), this graphic shows how over-crowded the space is.

To me, this screams “consolidation.” It will be interesting to revisit this in just six months and see how many of these companies are still around.


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