Facebook and Social TV – In Stealth Mode?

Facebook Kay Madati


In the past few months, I’ve posted several blogs that contain lists and graphs of the biggest and most important players in the Social TV sphere. A notable exception in all these lists has been Facebook, which has been surprisingly quiet so far. Aside from touting “frictionless sharing” on platforms such as Hulu and the desire to bring the “stickiness” of Facebook to TV watching, Facebook has remained on the sidelines.

However, in a recent article in Lost Remote, Kay Madati, head of Entertainment Strategy at Facebook says that the company has been talking with content developers and spending “a lot of time with television networks, movie studios and producers in Hollywood.” Talking is good, but this market is evolving fast.

It is odd that Facebook, which has shown that it can move fast in other domains, has yet to position itself as a key player in an ecosystem that evolved from the social networking trend started by the company itself.

What do you think?


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They purchased HotPotato (overpaid) to work on this problem and nothing came out of it (though the HotPotato engineers did fix some messaging problems).

The problem with SocialTV is Americans forget is always 3am in Tibet once a day.

Yes Fb could launch “something” but just like IntoNow and the Yahoo ripples…….why would you bother.

The problems being solved by the current crop of startups are boring and short term issues…..but there are a few looking at the bigger picture from the shadows.


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