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Social Media Infographics Tell an Interesting Story


I ran into a couple of interesting infographics last week:

On Facebook
Facebook’s IPO at the top of the news, here is a cool graphical representation of some key Facebook stats including:

User Penetration by Region
Age of Officers (and even compensation levels)



Facebook and Social TV – In Stealth Mode?


In the past few months, I’ve posted several blogs that contain lists and graphs of the biggest and most important players in the Social TV sphere. A…


How The Big Players Are Doing Social TV


Funny how the Social TV space attracts all types of investors – from movie stars (Ashton Kutcher) and sports celebrities (Marc Cuban) to Silicon Valley smart money (Kleiner Perkins) and the expected media giants.

After having reviewed VC funding in a previous post, below is my take on…


The Top 3 Recent Social TV Happenings


We’re flooded with news in the Social TV space – but most of it is noise. Separating the wheat from the chaff, here is my selection of interesting news from the week of April 30, 2012, and why:

Gary Lauder and Mark Cuban Invest in Flingo
Both angels have a track record of…